The Top 3 Beauty Trends to Try This Spring

The Top 3 Beauty Trends to Try This Spring

Thanks for the heads-up, Pinterest!

Once you're done giving your closet a small spring update, you might want to turn that attention to your makeup bag. After all, the deep, dark colors you rocked all winter long won't exactly mesh well with all those bright, sunny (and hopefully warmer) days ahead. But if you're at a loss as to what to add to your collection? Not to fret. Pinterest just shared the scoop on the hottest, trending hues of the season, and they're a good mix of natural and in-your-face bold.


Mauve Everything


From lipstick, to eyeshadow, to nail polish, this subtle pink-ish shade is definitely this year's rose gold.

Blue Lips


Daring? Yes. But blue lips are so, so fun, and there are plenty of different shades—from baby to navy—to choose from.

Neutrals and Naturals


If natural is more your style, you're in luck: Pinterest also notes that neutrals, such as brown lipstick and bronze makeup, are everywhere at the moment, and even better? People have been ditching heavy foundation in favor of tinted moisturizer, making springtime morning routines so much easier. 

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