How to Get the Ideal About-to-Get-Engaged Glow

Striking a balance between romantic and hot, hot, hot. In collaboration with Sephora.

Alec Kugler
Meagan Wilson
Mustafa Yanaz
David Razzano

We remember when highlighting first became a *thing*. Mostly because we allowed our love of sparkly stuff guide one too many uninhibited shopping sprees; resulting in the collection of a half dozen products that, while pretty, we had no clue what to do with. Um, help?

In this series, we’ve partnered with Sephora to demonstrate how to cop the perfect highlight for pretty much every occasion. After all, the level of wattage you’re after during a big work meeting is very different than, say, a night out. Thanks to our handy glow meter guide, you’ll know exactly how much shine to expect (from buttoned-up to blinding). Happy highlighting!


Generally speaking, date night isn’t usually the *best* time to break out your glitteriest, shimmeriest, visible-from-outer-space highlighters. Obviously, wear whatever you want, but generally, spotting a streak of sparkle that’s rubbed off on your partner’s face is pretty high on our list of small snafu, nightmare-like scenarios. Eeek!

But what’s one to do when, say, you catch wind of your partner’s plans (!) to (!!) propose (!!!)? Aside from proceeding to freak out, call your mom, obsessively plan outfits, snoop around with mutual friends, and contemplate digging through their browser history for a peek at ~the ring~, we mean. Surely what could go down as one of the biggest nights of your life calls for a little—or a lot—of shine, no? For those moments where you need to strike that balance between romantic and radiant and hot, hot, hot, these are the products (and techniques) we recommend.


1. Sweep Natasha Denona All Over Glow Face & Body Shimmer in Powder over the high points of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, clavicles and décolleté using the Sephora Pro Brush #59 (for Precision Powder).


2. Using your fingers, apply the ‘Lunar Glaze’ shade of gloss highlighter from the Sephora Collection Sephora Pro Dimensional Highlighting Palette onto the cheeks.


3. Add a tiny dab of Lunar Glaze along the bridge of your nose, and just above your lips at the Cupid’s Bow to enhance your lips.


Director: Matt Kazam

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