24 Hours With SoulCycle’s Senior Master Instructor

24 Hours With SoulCycle’s Senior Master Instructor

Stacey Griffith indulges in “The Bachelor” over sugar and agave.

Alec Kugler

It’s true that some people truly do it all, and we’ve made it part of our job to figure out exactly how they manage to do so much with the same amount of hours in the day that we have. Take Stacey Griffith for example: she’s a SoulCycle Senior Master Instructor, recently wrote her own book, Two Turns from Zero, is a mom to three dogs, puts a considerable amount of time into her beauty and skincare regimen, and is a master of clean living and eating (oh, and she keeps up with The Bachelor). Tbh, we’re feeling a little exhausted even after writing about it. We figured it was only right that we hang with this magically productive unicorn one Monday to figure out exactly how she pulls it all off (while still getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night). Keep scrolling and be prepared to be motivated.


6:20 AM: “I typically wake up after two snooze pokes from the iPhone 7 ripples sound effect. I make my way to the fridge to get my daily dose of Liquid BioCell, the juice that changed my life. It is just what you need to restructure your cells, lube your joints and muscle tissue, and collagen up your skin cells.”

6:30 AM: “Every morning I take B12, vitamin D3, Biotin, and a Juice Press Proviotic right before I punch a purple-colored Nespresso nugget into the machine. The sound of the water pump gets me goin’! As I wait, I check my trusty weather app to see what surprises we have with the New York morning.”

6:45 AM: “I don’t think I teach as well when I skip an AM shower—something about the smell of shampoo and body gel gets my senses alert. I have my own line of bath products coming out, so the shower is full of SBbySG right now—soon you’ll be able to smell them too. For now, the Oribe purple shampoo for silver/blonde hair and my Valery Joseph conditioners are rotating through the Fekkai collection. My body oil is empty, so I’ll have to fill that up soon. Of course my Brown Sugar Fresh scrub is always on tap also.”


7:00 AM: “With wet hair (I don’t believe in the myth of not going out in the cold with a wet head if it’s only a few blocks), I make my way to the SoulCycle East 83rd studio. I typically skip the morning  breakfast until about 9:30 AM—yup, that’s right, I just can’t eat before then when I’m working! If I’ve had 7-8 hours of  sleep, I can make it through.”

7:30 AM: “My morning schedule at East 83rd is usually 7:30 and 8:30 AM or 7:30, 9:30, and 10:30 AM classes.”

9:30 AM: “For breakfast, I’ve been super into the Starbucks egg white bites when they have them, but they *always* have the oatmeal, so that’s usually my go-to. DON’T ADD THE SUGAR OR THE AGAVE. Just add the nuts! MMMMM.”


10:00 AM: “It’s crucial for me to stay hydrated while teaching. I drink a ton of water throughout the day, and I mix in Bai in Watermelon for some flavor and added antioxidants.”

12:00 PM: “If I don’t have meetings after my morning classes, I will hang in my office, write articles, and if I have time I will skim one of the books I’m into (Two Turns from Zero is my latest read [laughs]), or I’ll get my yoga mat out and pop on an Eckhart Tolle or Deepak Chopra YouTube video and watch that for an hour. It’s like meditating while you watch TV—I usually have it on, but I watch it with my eyes closed. [Chopra’s] voice is very unique, you have to really concentrate on what he’s saying, and you have to especially wait for his infectious giggle. It will warm your heart.”


1:15 PM: “After my 1 PM class, I usually have another meeting about something special going on with my book, and then I head home to hang with my partner, Deb, and our pups. We have three little munchkins— Shizzle, Jaxie, and Jazzy. On any given day we can be caught on FaceTime with Deb’s daughters—two are away at college, and the youngest is away riding horses at WEF in Florida! Empty nest around here makes for a very quiet home. Good thing the dogs bark a lot!”

7:00 PM: “I am blessed to have a partner that loves to cook, so we typically have fun staying at home, having friends over to watch The Bachelor on Monday nights after my 5:30 PM/6:30 PM classes. I am an early turn-in kind of person, I very rarely stay out late. I think I used up all of my stay-out-late nights in the ’90s, so now it’s about the chill—all about clean eating and clean living!”

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