8 of the Best Food Accounts on Instagram

8 of the Best Food Accounts on Instagram

They make even avocado toast and smoothie bowls look new again.

Social media has always had a love affair with food. So when we stumble upon mouthwatering Instagram feeds ranging from healthy breakfasts (avo toast!) and juices (greens galore!) to desserts (vegan donuts), it’s easy to get sucked in.

PSA: snapping food pics is not the same as shooting #ootds, shoes, or CHANEL. Food photography is straight-up an art that requires styling, perfect lighting, a trained eye, and Coveteur-level photogs (if we do say so ourselves). In other words: don’t try this IRL, even if the chia pudding you just made gives you lyfe.

Here are eight Instagram accounts that are far from basic, taking our #foodgasms to new heights.


When an Insta account features healthy breakfast options including matcha, acai bowls, and chia puddings, we’re all in. Social media strategist-slash-speaker-slash-yogi and founder of the blog Breakfast Criminals Ksenia Avdulova posts “high consciousness recipes” (because being mindful about what we eat is of key importance). If this is a crime, then call us totally bad-ass. Ksenia also has an accompanying Breakfast Criminals ebook with over 100 superfood breakfast recipes. Our mornings just got sooo much better.


Food stylist and photographer Adeline Waugh is also the editor of @thefeedfeed (PS: talk about an on-point Insta handle), the content creator of Cameron Diaz’s The Body Book, and a Cov alum who helped us elevate our popcorn game. Not only does she post stunningly vibrant food pics, but she’s the trendsetting creator of the pastel perfect unicorn toast—and more recently, mermaid toasts. Yes, these are things. And we are here for it. Spoiler alert: Waugh opts for natural pigments like beet and turmeric root juice to achieve that vibrant color in her mythical toasts, rather than artificial food coloring. (Healthy and pastel? Boom.)


Pastels also reign in Taline Gabrielian’s (aka Hippie Lane’s) Insta feed, with sublime smoothie bowls and toasts. Taline Gabrielian launched her Hippie Lane blog when she discovered she had food sensitivities and had to reduce her intake of gluten, dairy, eggs, and refined sugar. Based in Australia, Gabrielian also launched a Hippie Lane app and cookbook (read: empire) filled with healthy recipes for the entire fam.


So…in the “not as healthy” category: cotton candy (what Fluffe calls “fairy floss”). Also based in Australia, tubs of Fluffe cotton candy are available to order for parties and weddings. You can even create your own flavor (if already existing flavors like “Gypsy Dreams,” “Unicorn Poop,” “Lemonade,” and “Boys Tears” don’t do it for you—for real, we can’t make this stuff up). This Insta account also features desserts like rainbow pancakes, bringing new meaning to eye candy.


You know that resolution you had to drink more green juice? (Yeah, we remember it too.) Green Blender is all the juicing inspo we need RN, giving us every reason to add even more mileage to our Vitamix. Members of this superfood subscription-based service get fresh ingredients delivered to their door (consider all the $$$ you can save by DIYing smoothies rather than buying one every day).


We’re all for a successful career pivot story, which is precisely what Nisha of the blog Laws of Bliss can attest to. This Harvard-educated lawyer quit her corporate job to backpack around the world for six months and discovered the importance of living life with adventure, laughter, and authenticity in the process. Brooklyn-based Nisha currently documents her healthy, vegan, gluten-free, and paleo recipes on her blog and Insta, @rainbowplantlife.


Vancouver-based photographer, writer, and baker Lyndsay Sung shares original cake tutorials and dessert recipes on her blog, Coco Cake Land. Sung’s cakes have also made waves thanks to her feminist-inspired icing game, with girl-power messages like “Pussy Strong” (baked for #IWD) and “Nasty Woman” to celebrate the Women’s March. A breast cancer survivor, Sung also made a “Fuck Cancer” cake for #WorldCancerDay. Powerful messages like these are literally the icing on the cake.


Hipster couple and self-proclaimed “brunch enthusiasts” Breann Chiero and Christian Medice document their foodie journey throughout NYC on Instagram (#jobgoals). With Chiero’s experience as a fashion director turned digital content creator and Medice’s songwriting/producing skills, they have the cred to back up their aesthetic. Food flat lays at the coolest spots interspersed with street style pics ensue.

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