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The Makeup Routine That Will Last from AM to (Late) PM

When you have a full-time gig on top of your full-time side hustle, you need a routine like Olivia Perez's.

The Makeup Routine That Will Last from AM to (Late) PM
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Alicia Cesaro

There is no such thing as a typical 9-to-5. Days usually start somewhere between 7-9 AM (or, if youre a real morning person, 6 AM), and with late-night meetings, work events, and cocktail parties, you may not walk in your door until 10 PM (or later). And makeup is just not meant to last that long. But Olivia Perez, Founder and EIC of Friend of a Friend, who is the definition of someone whose workdays are not-so-standard—she also has a full-time job on top of curating and managing her own site—still manages to look all glow-y and put-together even into the wee hours of the night. Of course, we had to grill her on both her skincare and beauty routine and found out that she’s surprisingly carefree about everything. But there are a few products she always has by her side. 

She hoards products:

“I keep my bathroom door closed at all times because you can’t see the shelf space, you can’t even see the countertop. I worked at Glossier for a year and it really opened my eyes to the beauty world. I am a beauty fanatic. I could literally be drowning in products all day, every day, and just be the happiest person in the world.”

Her typical routine:

“I switch off between a night and a morning cleanser. You can obviously mix brands, but I stick to three or four brands at one time because the way that their products are formulated, they’re meant to work together. I’m also a huge mask person—I use a lot of the Kiehl’s masks, I obviously use a lot of the Glossier masks. I love Joanna Vargas and all of her products. I try to mix it up a lot as well, because the weather in Manhattan is always changing, so it’s really based on how my skin feels and customizing my routine from there.”

On her willingness to try new things:

“I’m really adventurous with skincare routines. I go to Joanna Vargas, and they do the microcurrent facials. I’ve done the dermaplaning once. With skincare, it’s great to try something and see how your skin reacts to it. I like to get advice from friends on what’s working for them, but I take it with a grain of salt because your skin’s going to react so differently.”



Her experience with dermaplaning:

“It was funny because I feel like so many girls are scared of shaving down their face. It really made no difference in my skin or with the hair on my face. It was a cool experience in terms of getting the dead skin off. I need that every day, I live in Manhattan [laughs].”

On how she tackles a breakout:

“I switch around [products] with that—I use a lot of masks as spot treatments. I love Dr. Lancer’s spot treatment. I feel like his products are truly geared towards, from a medical standpoint, preventing breakouts, so I use them a lot.”

Her go-to lip color:

“My Glossier one—it’s the Leo color! They’re amazing. I’ll get my makeup done, and at this point people know not to put anything on me because I’m like, ‘I’m putting my Glossier on. Thank you, though!’ [Laughs].”

The beauty products you will *always* find in her bag:

“The Fix It stick from Dior. I put it under my eyes. Glossier lipstick and their lip gloss. I usually have a small bottle of Klorane dry shampoo. It’s so handy because I literally leave my house at 8 AM and don’t come back until, like, 10 PM, so my hair needs a refresh for sure. I try to keep it light, just really what I need. Then, Dior powder, just in case I need to go out at night and cover up a little more.”

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