This Is What an Average Day at Fashion Week Is Like for Aimee Song
Fashion Week

This Is What an Average Day at Fashion Week Is Like for Aimee Song

The blogger behind Song of Style really, really likes avocados.

Alec Kugler

We’re not about to pretend that our experience of Fashion Week is anything close to Aimee Song’s. For one thing, while we can say a good million of you are following along on our Instagram, the blogger behind Song of Style has 4.4 million followers on Instagram alone (and another 125,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel). She also, as we discovered when we visited her at her suite at 11 Howard in Soho during New York Fashion Week, gets her makeup professionally done on the daily by a Laura Mercier artist flown up from Texas for her exclusive use (a crazy-good perk that comes with her ambassadorship for the cosmetics brand). Our slap-on-foundation routine before rushing out the door doesn’t quite compare. But that’s just the beginning. Here’s what actually goes down during Fashion Week for Song, from her daily avocado toast habit to asking her followers which shoes she should wear.


“Depending on what time my first show is, I wake up two, three hours before. If it’s an important show or day like today, then I have Benjamin from Laura Mercier do my makeup—he flies all the way from Texas. Right before makeup, I have my avocado toast every single morning. When I’m staying at 11 Howard, I get it from there, but sometimes I get it from Aunt Jake’s, which is my other favorite avocado toast place a couple blocks away. They’re really generous with their avocados, and that’s very important [laughs]; the avocado-to-toast ratio has to be three to one. I have that, coffee, and my makeup done, and then I get dressed. I usually plan out my outfit the night before. Then I take photos of it and send it to my sister or friends and ask which one should I wear. Right before the show, sometimes we do Instagram Live and I ask my followers which shoes I should wear. That actually makes getting dressed easier. The reason I started my blog was to keep in touch with my friends and family and showcase my outfits, so I think of my audience as my sister or my friend.


“Then we try to shoot an outfit photo or video before we go to the show. I go to, max, four shows [in a day], but usually two. Depending on the show, I switch outfits—like if the designer dressed me—but otherwise not really. I change in the car all the time; I’m so good at it.

“After, I go out to eat. One of my favorite restaurants is BòCàphê. It’s French-Vietnamese cuisine, so they have pho. It’s so delicious, and the owners are really friendly. I go there and eat my heart out [laughs]. And my boyfriend actually lives in New York, so we try to spend time together at night.”


What she does when she can’t find avocados in Paris:

“Paris is very different, actually; we’re on a tighter budget. I like staying at an Airbnb. The one thing is that my avocado toast is more like an avocado croissant. In California we have delicious avocados, so we always bring avocados, and last week we counted and we brought about 24. That’s a big part of fashion week—you need to have good food. In between, I eat a lot of pasta and risotto.”

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