Clara McGregor Wears CHANEL Couture to the Movies

Don’t you?

Meredith Jenks
Stephanie Mark
Quinn Meyers

CHANEL is known for many things—heritage, quality, luxury, those illustrious double Cs we all covet, and, of course, stunning clothes. We here at Coveteur also know CHANEL for something elsescouting amazing up-and-coming talent. If they start working with someone, it’s almost a guarantee they’re on their way to world domination. With that being said, when we heard them talking about Clara McGregor—NYU film student, actress, model, and daughter of *that* Ewan—we knew we had to get face time with the beauty ourselves. Luckily for us, we had the chance to spend time with Clara wearing CHANEL Couture and in CHANEL fine jewelry, and with hair by Owen Gould, and makeup by Nina Park using CHANEL products, at the Metrograph Cinema (natch) in New York’s Lower East Side.

Below, Clara shows off our favorite looks from the house’s most recent couture collection in her ideal setting: a gorgeous, old-school theater. Watch the video above to find out more about the collection, the first movie she ever saw, the one that changed her life, and her favorite cinema snack.


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