Fashion Superlatives

Emily Ratajkowski, Solange, and Kendall Jenner Are Our Best Dressed of the Week

Plus: the ultimate Milan Fashion Week girl crew.

By: Laurel Pantin

Between Milan and Paris Fashion Week, the Oscars, and just the general world, there was a lot of good style happening this week. From Kendall giving us hangover inspo to EmRata dressing like our grandmas (seriously), here are our top picks.


Most Likely to Be Able to Use Her Outfit as a Flotation Device: Aureta Thomollari

“This is quite possibly the best outfit I’ve seen all year—that color scheme is perfect. And coming from a girl who has always been against wearing red and orange together, Aureta has single-handedly convinced me that the combo works. On top of that, I realize I need to buy a floor-length puffy vest, like, yesterday.” —Jodi Taylor

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@aureta

Best Ruffles, Pleats, and Literally Everything: Solange

“This dress, this hair, this woman! Heaven. Yes, I know this isn't from this week, but it's so good, it transcends the boundaries of linear time, and is thus a candidate for best look of the week.” —Laurel Pantin

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@saintrecords

Most Likely to Be the Poster for The Jawbreaker Remake

“The 2017 edition; and if Reagan High was swapped for the streets of Milan.” —Noah Lehava

Photo: Daniel Kim

Best Dries Moment: Annabel Rosendahl

“I am automatically jealous of anyone wearing Dries Van Noten, let alone a Dries coat and a Céline coat. Seeing a lot of green right now.” —Emily Ramshaw

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@nytimesfashion

Most Likely to Remind You of Your Grandma (in a Good Way): Emily Ratajkowski

“For some reason, so many looks these days are giving me fancy grandma vibes—and secretly, I’m loving it. Emily Ratajkowski’s jewel-encrusted sweater, styled over a turtleneck and paired with hoop earrings, is equal parts practical, warm, and very, very Golden Girls. I’m so down to re-create it on my own.”—Samantha Sutton

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@emrata