The Ultimate 28-Day Mental Wellness Challenge: Week 3

How to find your meaning and purpose and do a few good deeds.

The Ultimate 28-Day Mental Wellness Challenge: Week 3

Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Exhibit C…Whatever the case for your ongoing stress and anxiety, this is the time (2017 seems like it’s THE year, no?) for chilling out and not sweating the small stuff. They call it balance. Okay, so, if you’re like us, the whole concept of getting ahold of life sounds far more daunting than just letting it be, but Cov-alum and founder of Positive Prescription Dr. Samantha Boardman created a ~totally~ attainable 28-day challenge that will help us all get our shit together. Week One was all about focusing on yourself, last week was on reconnecting with others (remember what that’s like?), and this week we’re focusing on meaning and purpose. Follow along with us for all of February as Dr. Boardman shows us how to manage the day-to-day and be our best selves.



(a refresher)

Week 1: Will focus on connecting with yourself. Feeling lost, overwhelmed? Obsessed with productivity porn? The goal is to slow down. Remind yourself of what matters. Press Pause.

Week 2: Connecting with others.

Week 3: Focusing on Meaning and Purpose

Week 4: Cultivating Curiosity



Day 1:

Pick up a piece of garbage or a discarded bottle on the street and throw it in the trash.

Day 2:

“What’s urgent?” versus “What’s important?” Have a conversation with a friend or your partner about the difference.

Day 3:

What would you tell your 18-year-old self? Share that wisdom with someone in that age group.

Day 4:

Take the strengths survey. Use one of your top strengths in a new way.

Day 5:

Write down three things you are grateful for or three things you contributed to today.

Day 6:

Volunteer for an organization you care about, or offer to do a favor or an errand for a neighbor in need.

May I suggest Citymeals on Wheels? It’s a wonderful organization that delivers food to housebound New Yorkers.

Day 7:

What do you want to be known for? Reflect on what you would like your legacy to be.

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