If You’re Going to Invest in Any Type of Jewelry, Make It This

Wear this jewelry in the shower; wear it to bed; never take it off.

If You’re Going to Invest in Any Type of Jewelry, Make It This

Everyday jewelry—the kind you never take off until it falls off—doesn’t have to be basic. It can be colorful; necklaces can be long; bracelets and rings can be chunky. The thing to keep in mind is whether it plays along with your typical everyday uniform—and, should you need to step it up for a job interview or party, that it blends well and can be worn with blingy-er (for lack of a better descriptor) pieces when the occasion calls for it. The other key? That any pieces you wear all the time never catch on your clothes or hair, which means that spiky or jagged are definitely out. The nice thing about wear-every-day jewelry, though, is that on top of making you look that much more put together without any effort, meaningful pieces can actually live with you (I wear rings and necklaces gifted to me by loved ones all the time and never take them off). With that in mind, bookmark the below next time a gift-giving occasion comes along—any of these would make a thoughtful present.



Truth be told, you can wear three or four pendant necklaces at once if each one is meaningful. Also, here’s an idea: wear longer chains tucked under your shirt, and string on charms and pendants you’ve found on vacation and at vintage stores.


Teeny-weeny gold Catbird-type rings are perfect for stacking and wearing all the time. My favorite, though, is when I see women wear rings that have just the littlest bit of a statement—whether that statement is style or sentimentality. If you can wear a rock of an engagement ring every day, why not wear a hefty band or a diamond pavé ring every day, too.


The most important thing when it comes to earrings that you never take out is, boringly, comfort. Which is why hoops that hug your lobe are so great. Look for diamond-encrusted ones, or keep it simpler with straight-up gold or silver.


Like rings and necklaces, everyday bracelets should be stackable and layerable (just take a look at those Kardashian Cartier Love bracelet arm parties for an example). I like the idea of mixing metals too—it doesn’t have to be too serious.

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