What Happened When a Victoria's Secret Model Tried to Do Our Job

This is what it was like to have Sara Sampaio join Team Cov.

Alec Kugler
Beau Sam

Unquestionably, Sara Sampaio has talent—have you seen the girl strut the runway with six-foot wings strapped to her back, wearing nothing but lingerie? We won’t even pretend we could do that. But we will say this: the charisma required to take on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk doesn’t necessarily translate when it comes to doing the job of a Coveteur editor and all the laptop time and trunk-packing that it requires. But Sampaio wanted to give our gig a try—despite the fact that it is exponentially less glamorous than her own—and proceeded to paper Cov HQ in her own image, turn our desks into a catwalk, and chit-chat about The Bachelor incessantly (not that that doesn’t already happen around here). Let’s just say she didn’t quite fit in. That or she’s a really, really good actress.


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