Getting Ready

Charli XCX Gets Ready for the Grammys with Fried Chicken

But also Vivienne Westwood and champagne.

By: Noah Lehava

What would you say if we told you getting ready for the Grammys with Charli XCX involved fried chicken, Britney Spears, and a whole lot of champagne? That’s fucking awesome, right? Add in a Vivienne Westwood red (to match the red carpet) gown and a last-minute beauty overhaul and, let’s just say, it only got better from there. But expecting anything less from the artist who wrote a song all about after-partying (aptly titled “After the Afterparty”), would, well, be an understatement. And just in case you needed another reason to want to party with her, just wait till you hear her hangover beauty M.O. (hint: it’s as low-maintenance as it gets). 


“I do a five-minute brightening-and-smoothing face mask from Kiehl’s and I’ll wash my hair [before starting glam], but that’s about it.”

“[On the morning of the Grammys] I’ll have the hugest breakfast ever and have a shower.”

“I’m either a total mess or totally chill [before a big appearance]. We were really late, and I was covered in fried chicken, so I was kind of stressing, but once we got there it was all cool.”

“We actually changed everything in the last five minutes. I had a crazy curly updo and a red lip on literally five minutes before I walked out the door, but then we changed it because I looked way too ’80s (in a bad way). Also, I wanted to eat fried chicken in the car, so I couldn’t really deal with red lipstick.”

On her typical makeup look:

“I just like an element that’s fucked up—like a messy eye or a messy lip. Either one (or both if I’m feeling elaborate). Usually I just base my makeup on what’s left on my face from the night before.”

On her pre-game playlist:

“Loads of Britney, loads of Rihanna, and The Buggles.”

“I decided to wear Vivienne Westwood. She’s one of my favorite designers, and her clothes fit my body so well. Also it was nearly Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to wear red, and I love it when I match the carpet.”

“I’m channeling the emoji of the dancing lady in the red dress.”

“[I’d want to run in to] Bill Murray, but I don’t think he was at the Grammys. And I would say, ‘Hi, I love you.’”

“[My spirit animal is] a bunny. But like a Jessica Rabbit-type bunny, haha.”

“[The last thing I do before walking out the door is] have a mini photo shoot and put my perfume on.”