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If You Only Make *One* Skincare Investment, Make It This

Why a cult favorite French toner is worth every last cent (and good to the last drop).

By: Meagan Wilson

I talk about Biologique Recherche’s iconic P50 ad nauseam for a reason: IT WORKS. It famously stinks to high heaven (I’ve long become desensitized, and you will, too), but it’s the unequivocal MVP of my skincare routine. It’s without exaggeration when I say that it completely changed my skin. Hyperpigmentation, redness, and weird red marks vanish in what feels like overnight, and it’s generally the one thing that consistently keeps my skin chill, come hell or high water (also known as travel, hormones, quitting birth control, whatever). If you’re looking to make one investment in your skin, make it this.