5 Things to Know about Stranger Things Season 2

5 Things to Know about Stranger Things Season 2

Our favorite Netflix binge finally has a release date.

While we love seeing the Stranger Things kids take over the red carpet and be their adorable selves, theres always one question in the back of our mind: when the heck is season two coming out?! Weve been craving more episodes since we ended that binge, and now, Netflix finally has the long-awaited answer. Looks like weve all got plans for Halloween, friends.

The quick little preview, which popped up in the middle of the Super Bowl, showed plenty of signs of whats to come. Were breaking down the highlights (and more) ahead—but theres only five, rather than eleven.



1. We’ll Have to Wait a Little Bit Longer

Well have to wait until—ugh—Halloween (aka the end of October) for new episodes to hit Netflix, but on the bright side, at least we have a release date. Apologies in advance to all those big, spooky party throwers. We already know how well be spending the night. 


2. There’s a Whole New Monster

We knew the story wasnt actually over once Will started puking up slugs, but now theres another monster in town—and it looks like a big, evil spider. On the other hand, those legs could be necks, making the new villain resemble the Thessalhydra, the creature that popped up in the boys game at the end of season one. But where the heck was that thing hiding in the upside-down? 


3. And Some New Characters, Too

We didnt see them in the preview, but Netflix did cast some newbies for season two, including Sean Astin from The Goonies and Paul Reiser from Aliens. Danish actress Linnea Berthelsen has also been tapped to play “an emotionally damaged, magnetic young woman” who has some sort of connection to the lab. Interesting. Interesting indeed. 


4. Get Ready for More References

The kids are rocking Ghostbusters gear and the clip begins with an Eggo commercial, but another throwback detail that has people freaking out? The fact that the door-opening, red sky, monster combo looks eerily similar to a scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (which was actually released in the late 70s, not 80s, if you want to get technical). 


5. Something's Up With Will

Obviously. But a sneaky, nanosecond flash of an image shows thathim on the security cameras, lying down in a chair with wires around his head. It also looks like Elevens Papa is next to him (along with his mom), which can only mean t-r-o-u-b-l-e for this kid. He cant catch a break!

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