Just When You Thought You’d Learned Everything You Could About Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Photos

*That* car is somewhere in L.A....and you can probably find it.

By: Laurel Pantin

Just when you thought we’d reached critical mass with Beyoncé’s incredible pregnancy shoot, the universe, and the wonderful, strange, magical city of Los Angeles threw us this curveball:


That’s the Beyoncé car! The very same one Queen B perched upon to bless us all with the knowledge that soon we would welcome not one, but two more tiny beautiful perfect babies into this frightening and deeply flawed world. Observe: the celebratory flowers still festoon the automobile, and lo! It is CURRENTLY SOMEWHERE JUST CHILLING ON THE STREETS OF L.A.!!! We happened upon this most delightful of Easter eggs on an anonymous account, and we can all collectively send the universe our thanks for the heads up that if you really, really wanted to, you too could probably find it.

Happy hunting!