This Organic Hair Product Is Heaven

It *actually* works, even on out of control hair.

This Organic Hair Product Is Heaven

I’ve been pretty steadily greening my beauty products, and while I already have one hair product I think is truly amazing (read about it here), I must have done something nice, because karma brought me another holy-grail hair styler and, lo and behold, it’s (very, very, very close to completely) organic.

Tela Beauty Organic’s Healer is super moisturizing (their conditioner for curly hair is also amazing), and helps keep my wavy/curly/very fluffy hair together. It’s been a godsend for styling my bangs while I grow them out. It’s also full of antioxidants, offers sun protection, and contains 95% certified organic ingredients. More than any of that, it does all the things for my hair type you’d want a styling product to do, and doesn’t get greasy or weird throughout the day. Win.


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