Brad Goreski Takes Us Inside the SAGs Red Carpet

Natalie Portman was his favorite, too.

By: Emily Ramshaw

You would think Brad Goreski is busy enough around awards season, considering the fact that he includes Rashida Jones and Kaley Cuoco among his styling clients. But no, the man also hosts E! red carpet specials and will co-host Fashion Police when it returns tonight (!). Hes busy. He also has a very particular (and by that we mean, up close and ~insider~) perspective when it comes to the red carpet. Which is why we asked him to send along a couple of snapshots of his favorite moments (as well as his call on best dressed) from the SAGs red carpet. Want to see more from his day (and more of his puppies)? His video diary, live now on Coveteur’s Facebook, is about as hashtag-real-life as you get around awards season.


“I prepare for the awards for about a week and a half. I see all the nominated films. The rehearsal process was smooth, we went through the prompter and checked technical stuff for about a half an hour.”

“By 2:15 I was off to the carpet for photos.”

“2:45 was my camera-ready call time on the E! platform.”

“I was most excited to interview Natalie Portman!”

“I loved Emma Stone's green eye shadow. It was a fresh look.”

“I don't really get intimidated interviewing on the red carpet. Awards shows celebrate actors and their body of work, and I love films and the environment of the red carpet. Interviewing celebrities excites me.”

“My best dress[es] of the evening were Natalia Dyer in Miu Miu, Kaley Cuoco in Marchesa, and Rashida Jones in Vivienne Westwood.”

“The most unexpected moment during the red carpet was Gwendoline Christie in the black Vivienne Westwood jumpsuit.”

Stranger Things' David Harbour's acceptance speech and Winona Ryder's face was my favorite moment of the show.”

“After the show, I went home to eat dinner with Gary and enjoy time with our dogs. Called it an early night, I had an early call-time to tape E! Fashion Police the next morning.”