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The Outerwear Our Editors Are Counting On to Get Through Winter

Outerwear isn’t all one-pieces and neck warmers.

The Outerwear Our Editors Are Counting On to Get Through Winter

The best thing about winter outerwear is the fact that it keeps you extremely cozy, even when you’re facing a blizzard head-on. At COV HQ we all agree that splurging on outwear is so totally worth it, and something we never regret doing. Even though we’re coming up to the end of January, we’d be kidding ourselves if we thought that spring was right around the corner—which is exactly why we are filling our shopping carts with all of the below snuggly and cozy outerwear, so we can live out the rest of winter in warmth.



Alicia Cesaro

Senior Editor: Beauty

1. Mr & Mrs Italy Parka:Interviewing the creative director behind this brand only confirmed the fact that I most definitely cannot go another winter without one. I’m convinced they’re the closest I’m going to get to hibernating under blankets while outside braving the cold.

2. Yestadt Millinery Beanie: I’m also 100 percent sure that having Molly Yestadt’s fluffy bunnie pink beanie atop my head will make my freezing morning walk to work that much more enjoyable.

3. Acne Studios Scarf: My number-one cozy, can’t-live-without-it outerwear item is an oversized black scarf. It pretty much follows me everywhere, including but not limited to airports, movie theaters, work, friends houses. Actually typing this makes me think I’m carrying around the adult version of a security blanket…



Noah Lehava

Senior Editor: Health and Wellness

1. Saks Potts Shearling Jacket: Which I will wear as a sweater layered under the biggest down jacket, because if you’ve ever spent a winter in Canada, nothing is warm enough.

2. I Love Mr Mittens Scarf: Another tidbit acquired from a lifetime of northern winters (and many a near-frostbite mishap), long scarves are essential. Coil up until your eyeballs!

3. Partow Turtleneck: I honestly don’t know how I would get through November-March without my turtlenecks. I love this one for especially cold days. Plus, it’s chic as hell.



Jodi Taylor

Assistant Editor

1. Moncler Grenoble Hat: It’s no secret that Moncler knows a thing or two about winter wear. Just cashmere is a go-to of mine for winter, so is fur and down. This hat gives me both of those, while being fashionable at the same time. Check, check.

2. Saks Potts Febbe Shearling Coat: Cozy and fashionable at the same time? Yes, please x100.

3. The Elder Statesman Cashmere Blanket Scarf: Never question cashmere in the winter, it’s always the answer.



Laurel Pantin

Editorial Director

1. Bottega Veneta Scarf: A cuddly cashmere scarf is the #1 thing I need to stay warm and cozy when it’s freezing out.

2. Navy Pea Coat: You really can’t go wrong with a navy pea coat. It will never look dated, looks sharp, and is super, super warm. Plus, it isn’t black.

3. Cashmere Socks: Cashmere socks are the ultimate hygge item. These are great because they’re supersoft, superwarm, and are only $25.



Emily Ramshaw

Senior Editor: Features

1. Sorel Boots: Spend four winters in the frozen tundra that is Montreal between December and April and you too will give up on any footwear other than these boots. To this day, there is no pair that are a source of such security and comfort than my Sorels—and goddamnit, I will forever believe that with the right denim wash and a good coat, they look downright chic.

2. Burberry Shearling Coat: Give me a shearling anything and I will cuddle up and never come out. But look how pulled-together this Burberry trench will make me look! Comfort and some semblance of sophistication? I’ll take it.

3. Theory Cashmere Hat: Don’t fool yourself and try to save your hairdo—a hat is the real key to staying warm. Even better if it’s cashmere.

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