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Warm Beverages that will Boost Your Metabolism *and* Give You a Buzz

From mulled wine to apple cider.

Warm Beverages that will Boost Your Metabolism *and* Give You a Buzz

Let’s face it, global warming or not, it’s fucking cold outside. Not all of us were born with the thick skin of our northern neighbors and enjoy frolicking outdoors (for fun!) in 32-degree weather. So we’re looking for every possible excuse to trade in our Saint Laurents for slippers and stay indoors curled up by a fire (even if said fire is your radiator or a channel on your TV). Cue in the four delicious drink recipes that have given us—and are sure to give you—the warm and fuzzies.


Need we say more? No, but we will. This cup o’ joe contains grass-fed butter and MCT oil, which speeds up your metabolism and gives you that much-needed caffeine kick. Oh, and it smells and tastes like pancakes.


You didn’t think we’d leave out the booze, did you? This spice-infused wine serves as the perfect reminder of simpler, work-free times. Just mull that over…(we had to.)


Yes, our favorite recipes contain alcohol. Are you surprised? This is the grown-up version of your favorite nostalgia-inducing bevvy. Pop a cinnamon stick in there and you’ll feel like a real Carol Brady.


Sense a theme here? No sane person doesn’t like hot chocolate, and with added twists like Grand Marnier and lavender, you can enjoy your sweet cup of heaven and feel super fancy while doing so.

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