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The First Thing Sofia Richie Does Every Morning

Plus, the beauty tips she gets from Dad.

The First Thing Sofia Richie Does Every Morning
Alec Kugler

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we spent an afternoon in Sofia Richie’s bedroom sorting through her Chloé and Givenchy handbags, but two years can mean a hell of a lot when those years are the difference between 16 and 18—and another million Instagram followers. We have a feeling there’s no need to update you on Richie’s gigs as internet It-girl and in-demand model (at this point, her daily goings-on are as closely tracked as her sister’s), so when we caught up with her behind the scenes at her latest campaign shoot for cult denim label DL1961, we quizzed her on the finer points of her daily obsessions. The thing is, Richie’s attitude is so down-to-earth, self-possessed and frankly cool, we left her to continue her shoot not the least bit weirded out by the fact that we felt a strong desire to take fashion and beauty cues from an 18-year-old. Then again, she’s getting them from the likes of dad Lionel Richie, so god knows we should be paying attention. The next day Richie would be flying out to Milan to walk in Dolce & Gabbana’s millennial show—and then she would be jetting on to shoot even more major (and we mean major) campaigns. Ah, to be 18 again.


Her go-to denim styling tricks:

“If youre wearing high-waisted jeans, I love a crop top and a long jacket. If Im wearing old-school Levis that are low-waisted, I love a big hoodie.”

It-girl can’t-live-without-them wardrobe items:

“I have Jacquie Aiche cross earrings that I usually wear every day. I love Nike leggings just because they are so comfortable. I wear them around my house; I have about a hundred pairs. And my Adidas tracksuits are super comfortable!”


The last (casual) thing she bought herself:
“I went to a Golden Globes party so I bought myself a Balenciaga dress.”

The pieces she can’t wait to buy:
“I want more Jacquie Aiche jewelry. Thats what Im going home to do. Ive literally been screenshotting today all the things on her website.”


Her forever style icons (us too):
“I always love the Olsen twins, they are just so chic and comfy.”

The three beauty products she uses every day:
“I have this Giorgio Armani primer that mattens your skin—I use that every day. Eyebrow gel! And rose oil.”


The beauty trick that she swears by (that she learned from her dad):
“I actually picked it up from my dad...coconut oil on my face and on my arms. He has insane hygiene habits—probably more than most girls honestly [laughs].”

The first thing she does every morning:
“Brush my teeth! Well, actually, cuddle my dog, then brush my teeth!”


Her selfie secret:
“For a selfie [the secret is] lighting. Go with the sun!”

Even she has a favorite street style star:
“Rihanna. Such a badass.”


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