The 7 Most Inspiring Accounts on Instagram

All the career motivation you could ask for.

The 7 Most Inspiring Accounts on Instagram

Something about January makes us feel meh. Yes, there’s the shiny new resolutions to strive for and the hopeful feeling tied to starting over with a fresh slate, but the winter blues do hit hard this first month of the year. (At least until February rolls around, thanks to Fashion Week in the Big 4, and the return of Girls).

According to Fast Company, January is actually the most popular month for job changes—and it likely has to do with feelings of unfulfillment or a FOMO-like itch that there’s something better out there. So whether you’re looking for ways to reawaken the boss within or considering a full-on career reboot, slow your scroll and follow these 7 Instagram accounts. Consider them a wisdom-packed boost to refuel your day or the career-equivalent of a protein-filled green smoothie.


The conference designed for women who want to “create and cultivate” the career of their dreams serves up a bad-ass curation of on-point images and content in its feed. Its fierce Instagram and blog content is all about female empowerment and creating a strong, encouraging community. Their #CreateCultivate100 list launched this week, spotlighting 100 women kicking ass in 10 different fields.


Full disclosure: when our friends first started tagging us in OKREAL’s posts, our lives changed. Not. kidding. This Instagram feed provides a daily dose of “aha” moments, and with a mantra like “Choose a life of strength & courage,” OKREAL is the real deal. Founder Amy Woodside and her team host events, workshops, and mentor circles for women looking to connect IRL in different spots in NYC. We check in daily (okay…twice daily) for quotes by aspirational women in the spotlight. Here’s a sampling courtesy of Saada Ahmed, co-founder of Everyday People: “Women are not fragile. We’re fucking strong.”


Speaking of strong women, the recent timing of the opening of New York’s women’s-only social club, The Wing, couldn’t have been more perfect. But if you’re not a New Yorker and can’t actually hang at The Wing, scrolling its Instagram account is the next best thing. Everything about its grid aesthetic screams “that shade of pink” and features reminders that “You call the shots, babe.” Because sometimes all we need to slay our day is this kind of powerful poise (and pics of keychains that read: “Girls doing whatever the fuck they want in 2017”).


Freelance writer and moderator Phoebe Lovatt launched the Working Women’s Club as a physical pop-up co-working and event space in Downtown L.A. in January 2015, and its global live events still account for 70% of the concept behind the Club. We recently spoke to Phoebe about the art of achieving balance, so it’s no surprise that she also created goal-setting guides, available for download for the price equivalent of a soy flat white (the website also boasts a slew of rich career advice and guidance goodies to enjoy and delve into). In the meantime, we’re double-tapping on all the WW Club’s Insta quotes, captioned with golden truths.


Levo is a platform aimed at “elevating your career,” and although it’s especially geared towards millennials, the content and advice is relevant to everyone’s career challenges. Its Instagram is flowing with mic-drop worthy quotes by fearless female leaders to help us discover our passion (of the non-sartorial variety, that is). And after Saturday’s march, a post featuring Rebecca Minkoff’s powerful words resonates even more: "It’s our moment to rise, but women need to be willing to give each other advice and help each other. (Squad up.)


Ideal for female entrepreneurs and creatives, Bossladies magazine is published twice per year and focuses on inspiring women worldwide to build their own creative businesses. Its Instagram’s aesthetic is elegant and clean (featuring that famous Pantone shade of “Dusty Rose”), while its #staybossyladies quotes give us life.


Spoiler alert: this isn’t a career-related Instagram account. But 24-year-old poetess and illustrator Rupi Kaur, who penned The New York Times bestseller Milk and Honey, is wise beyond her years. She has amassed 895k followers on Instagram—and follows zero people (so basically, she has the same Insta strategy as Beyoncé). The Toronto-based author’s prose is laced with trauma and loss, but also filled with hope and girl power. The perfect ingredients to sprinkle into a powerful Instagram feed.

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