Desert Island Beauty

The Magical Primer that Matches Your Skin Tone Perfectly

It’s genius, I tell you. Genius!

By: Emily Ramshaw

I’m going to do an annoying editor thing and tell you that Urban Decay’s Chief Creative Officer, Wende Zomnir, shared with me the magic that is their new primer. Its name, Self-Adjusting Complexion Primer, is an accurate description of what it does: rub some between your fingers and you’ll see it transform into the exact shade of your skin tone—I kid you not, this stuff is genius. It’s the closest thing I’ve found to an IRL beauty filter, and it leaves your skin feeling soft like butter instead of tacky. Most days, I’ve taken to wearing it with nothing else, but it layers perfectly under foundation as well.

Urban Decay, Self Adjusting Complexion Primer, $34,