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One Editor’s Pitti Uomo & Milan Men’s Fashion Week Diary

Footwear News’s Christian Allaire let us in on his Camera Roll during Fashion Week.

By: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Christian Allaire

Make no mistake—we may be just a few weeks into 2017, but the fashion calendar marches on, kicking off the year, as always, with Men’s Fashion Month. We’ve seen everything from millennial runway takeovers heard round the world, to crocheted shoe coverings, and just about everything in between. For a closer look, we’ve recruited our pal Christian Allaire, fashion editor at Footwear News, to let us in on his iPhone diary from the Florence and Milan shows.

Click through the images below to see it all (we wont be held responsible for any pizza cravings).


“First stop: I’m heading to the Pitti Uomo trade show in Florence! Since there are no direct flights there, I have to connect in Madrid. But I don’t mind because I find out the airport has a Loewe store in it. How glam is that? I resist the urge to shop.”

“I was pretty proud of how edited I packed this season. Just kidding—not pictured is my exploding suitcase of clothes I didn’t end up wearing.”

“I was pretty good about not bringing too many shoes, though. It took me hours to whittle it down to five... It’s like picking a favorite child.”

“Some accessories I brought with me. Love the T-rex on this Coach pouch. A.P.C. bracelet, Krewe sunglasses, Miansai cuff.”

“The first thing I do when I touch down in Florence? Check out the famous Duomo cathedral. Not going to a Duomo in Italy is a sin. They’re all so beautiful.”

“Can’t get over the architectural details on the Duomo. I could stare at it for hours and discover something new about it.”

“This is the Bell Tower, which is just opposite the Duomo. Apparently you can climb it to the top, but I’m on a tight schedule and not wearing the appropriate shoes.”

“I stumbled upon this random carousel, which is just so charming. The little kid in me wants to get on and go for a ride.”

Emporio Armani Fall 2017

“On my way to the Uffizi Galleria, I walk past this sidewalk of fresh flowers. It’s JANUARY. I love Italy.”

“This is Palazzo Vecchio, Florence’s town hall. It was built in the 14th century. It’s one of the many things I love about Italy — the buildings make me feel like I’m in another era.”

“I didn’t have time to see the real statue of David by Michelangelo—it’s at the Galleria dell’Accademia—but I did take in this imitation statue just outside of Palazzo Vecchio.”

Cottweiler x Reebok fall 2017 presentation

“One of the highest things on my to-do list in Florence is visit the Uffizi. It has one of the largest collections of Italian paintings in the world. But the museum itself ain’t bad, either.”

“This is inside the Uffizi. I’m not a huge museum person, but I liked the flow of this one. It was chronological and packaged nicely. Plus, talk about #hallwaygoals.”

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. I always feel weird looking at famous artworks, like there’s this expectation to immediately love it. But I do love this.”

“A view of the Ponte Vecchio, a bridge known for its jewelry vendors. I love all the rustic colors in Florence—it makes living in New York’s concrete jungle feel a bit ‘bleh.’”

“I have this bright idea to wake up at the crack of dawn to climb to the Piazzale Michelangelo. Once I start, I immediately regret it. So. Many. Stairs. But the view is worth it at the end—I mean, look at it! (That’s me).”

“The view of Florence from the Piazzale Michelangelo.”

“I love me an old school newsstand. This fashion magazine-heavy one is so chic-looking, right down to the Vogue Italia ads. It made me think of the late editor Franca Sozzani (a genius soul gone far, far too quick).”

“One of my best birthday gifts to myself was this Gucci shirt. I try to save it for special occasions, so I guess Fashion Week counts.”

“You might not see a lot of pictures of food here—because I barely had time to eat! I did make sure to eat a big breakfast every morning, though.”

“Gucci is having such a moment right now, so I decide to head to the Gucci Museo to get some backstory. Plus, pretty things!”

“This Flora scarf was designed for the Princess Grace of Monaco. Chic.”

“Did you guys know there is a Gucci CAR in existence? A Cadillac! I love the monogrammed roof. Never needed something so bad in my life.”

“I swear it was a coincidence that I wore my Gucci shirt to the Gucci museum. But, since I did, I ham it up for a selfie at this Instagram-friendly wall.”

“These Christian Louboutin dress shoes are probably the fanciest ones I own. I’ve worn them maybe five times. Some shoes double as collectors’ items, you know?”

“Next stop: Milan! I get in late and pass by the Duomo cathedral. Still as pretty as ever.”

“One of my favorite spots to go to in Milan is Marchesi, a chic bakery owned by Prada. The cappuccinos are so good—but their candies are better.”

“The amazing candies at Marchesi. May or may not have eaten a whole box.”

“Ended up doing a little window shopping at Prada, located inside the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. I loved this camping / backpacker-themed collection from last year. Even though I’m not outdoorsy. At all.”

“Find some time to eat some pizza, because duh. This slice is from Spontini near the Duomo. They cut it up in little cubes (Why? I do not know).”

Moncler Fall 2017

Moncler Fall 2017

“Whereas Pitti requires you to dress up more—everyone is dressed to the nines—Milan is more cool and casual. So I can finally wear these Puma creepers, which I live in almost every day.”

“By the end of the week, I’m starting to feel haggard and tired. Going from show to show, hour after hour, really takes it out of you. These two Tom Ford products are my life-savers, though. A little mud mask to rejuvenate, and a little bronzer to look not like a dead corpse.”

“It feels colder in Milan, so I throw on some shearling. This bomber jacket is actually my dad’s, which I borrowed—or maybe never give back—from him. Hi, Dad! I like wearing it with these heeled boots, something he would never do.”

“I drink several cappuccinos a day in order to make my deadlines. Whoever covers a show every hour without caffeine isn’t human.”

“The show invites are rolling in!“

“The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Because this is what malls look like in Milan.”

“So excited to wear my new Prada sweater that I had to take an elevator selfie. Sue me.”

“On my way to a show, I stumble upon a street fair. These books all look interesting but I can’t read Italian! And I’m Italian. How embarrassing is that?”

“I decided to check out 10 Corso Como, which is [a] store that doesn’t feel like a store. It has a café and an art gallery. And lots of lust-worthy designer stuff.”

“Inside 10 Corso Como, I check out an exhibit by Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki. His work is very uncomfortable at times—but in a good way.”

Ermenegildo Zegna Fall 2017

“Took a wrong turn after a show and ended up at this little canal. Photo op!”

“My last selfie before heading back to New York. My jacket literally matches the inside of this elevator. I look thrilled about it.”

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