Karlie Kloss’s Guide to Being a Good (Mood) Girl

Karlie Kloss’s Guide to Being a Good (Mood) Girl

The face of Carolina Herrera's new fragrance, Good Girl, has a few feel-good tricks.

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Even if you lived under a rock for the past few years, unaware that Karlie Kloss was a top model, entrepreneur, and total tech queen, you’d still be in awe the moment you met her. Aside from enviable good looks, she has a strange yet wonderful ability to make you feel special, complimenting your outfit and offering you something to drink.

In fact, mere minutes in Karlie’s presence might make you realize a key to her success: she’s a nice girl—a good girl. But that doesn’t mean she can’t have a bad-ass side, too. It’s the model’s balance of good and bad that makes her the perfect fit for promoting Carolina Herrera’s new fragrance, Good Girl, which just launched in the United States. The story behind the name—that women can be powerful and feminine at the same time—is something Karlie can relate to.

You can tell this gig makes Karlie happy, too, as she laughs alongside Carolina Jr. and shares, with a grin, that she owns a special Swarovski crystal bottle of the fragrance, which she’s afraid to use up. It makes us want to be just as happy—to feel just as good as Karlie—so we asked the model for some tips, along with more info on Good Girl (which, by the way, is also really, really good).


On why this partnership is such a good fit:

I really identify with [the] good-girl lifestyle, because I am definitely more of a good girl, but Im not boring! I like to have fun. [The message is] about the fact that you can be this very chic, confident, powerful woman, but also very feminine, soft, and sensual. The undertones [of the fragrance] are both very sweet and very spicy. So there are white flowers that are more on the sweet side, and there are cacao beans, tonka beans, and this more spicy kick to it. It’s not overpowering. This is one of those fragrances that when someone walks through the room, it catches your attention.

The place that always makes her feel good:

There is no place like home! I always feel really good when I go home, especially to my grams house. I know everything in her house—I can literally visualize every picture frame on every wall. Its where I spent a lot of my childhood. In my grams kitchen, she taught me to bake and [we] would always spend the weekends there. She is one of the most influential women in my life, so her house is definitely my happy place!


A workout that makes her feel good:

I like doing intensive cardio; getting a really good run in—5 to 8 miles—on a beautiful day. Just put on your tennis shoes and go see the city, no matter where you are. That is always my favorite exercise. Other than that, I love to do strength training, whether thats Pilates or a circuit in a gym with weights or your own body weight. I really like mixing it up, but [doing] something that challenges you.

Something good she thinks about before going to sleep:

“I love to think about what Im going to eat for breakfast the next morning, actually. Those are the things that cross my mind. I love breakfast. I love making a delicious omelet with avocado. I love making banana pancakes, which is essentially just smashed bananas, eggs, and almond flour. Come over for breakfast sometime, I’ll whip you up a storm.”


How she gets in a good mood on a bad day:

I am definitely someone who believes in taking care of yourself and if you are having a rough day, get a massage! Get a pint of your favorite ice cream! Take care of yourself, indulge a little bit. I think self-care is so important because its hard for you to actually bring your best version of yourself to your job or to your loved ones or to your family when you dont feel really fulfilled. Whatever that is, whether thats getting a great workout in—thats a great stress reliever for me—or getting a great nights sleep or getting pampered. Or dark chocolate! There is that.

Her favorite feel-good movie:

“I love Julia Roberts 90s chick flicks. So, Pretty Woman. Really any Disney movie. Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorites. I love Cinderella. I love 101 Dalmatians. Recently, I love Toy Story. I mean, I feel like everything they come out with is great. A good chick flick, a good Disney movie, and Im a happy girl. And a pint of ice cream! Thats all I need.”

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