How 6 Stars Prep for the Red Carpet

How 6 Stars Prep for the Red Carpet

There's almost always champagne, playlists, and nachos.

Its always a flurry of hair, makeup, and sparkles before stars hit the red carpet. We should know, weve pre-gamed with the best of them. What weve learned from hanging out in all those hotel glam squad-filled suites over the years? That getting ready for a big event is an art. With all eyes on the Golden Globes tonight, every star will be turning to their pre-red carpet ritual to make sure theyre calm and camera-ready. Keep reading to find out exactly how six different celebrities prep themselves for the big event.


“I always feel better and more confident when I’m wearing perfume. To counteract nerves before an event or red carpet, I drink a glass of champagne. I don’t get ready on my own in dead silence because then I’m a basket case of nerves by the time I get there. I always have, like, six of my girlfriends over and they always bring champagne, so we have a glass of bubbles and chat. If I’m getting my makeup done, I can’t really be chatting, but just listening to everyone’s stories and focusing on other people’s shit instead of your own helps.”




“I usually listen to music quietly [when I’m getting ready]. I need time to calm down and focus on what Im doing. And all of that pumped-up stuff comes out later. This is kind of my chill-out time.”




“[Getting ready], we’ll listen to music blasting, put on different playlists, and dance. It’s inevitable that if a good song comes on, you’re going to want to start moving [laughs]. I’ve known the girls that I work with for so long, that we’re normally just catching up and making each other laugh. Sometimes I even forget what we’re gearing up for. Half the time we’re eating before we’re going, so we’re shoving in last bites. It’s that fun, glamorous mayhem at the end, when you’re like, ‘Okay, now we really have two minutes!’”


“When I’m getting ready for a night out I like to have my sisters around. And I always have to have music playing. I have a photo-shoot playlist on SoundCloud that I listen to, because I cant always be stopping in the middle of a photo to change the song.

“Mexican food is my pre-party meal of choice. I love nachos; I can eat nachos everywhere, all the time.”



Olympic Gold Medalist

“I always have to have music. That’s the main thing that gets me excited and ready. It goes along with whether I’m getting ready for a soccer game, or whether I’m getting ready for a big event, Fashion Week or something along those lines. I always bring my Beats Pill. When I have my publicist, who’s my really good friend, Jasmine, and hair and makeup come over, I love to have a bottle of wine for us all to share. I think it’s nice to keep it a casual environment rather than a work environment. You always just want it to be fun and relaxing. I think those two things are a must.”


“When I’m getting ready I love to have friends over. Some music, some fun, some talking.”

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