These are Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Places to Visit This Year

Start making your 2017 bucket list.

By: Emily Ramshaw

So, fine, yes, we just got back from vacation, and we may have hit up one or two new spots and crossed them off our list of places we must visit before we turn 30/when we’re alone/when we need a break/insert new qualifying list of places we absolutely must visit. That said, we’d like to interrupt that programming with a list of places to visit this year that actually means something: the people at Lonely Planet, who are the travel experts (not that it needs explaining), have pulled together the 10 biggest openings of the year—new destinations that are worth whatever it takes to get there. And there’s something for everyone: museums, hiking trails, cruises, and an, er, earthquake simulator. Whatever your travel fetish, something on this list will have you clicking from story to airline tickets. Here’s to finally using all your vacation days.




1. Museum of the American Revolution, Philadelphia
Opens April 2017


Photo: Courtesy of Museum of the American Revolution... Read More

And you thought politics circa now are complicated. At the very least, the Museum of the American Revolution will make you feel like some progress has been made.




2. Lava, Hvolsvöllur, Iceland
Opens Spring 2017

Photo: Courtesy of LAVA Centre... Read More

If anything makes you understand all the tourist fuss around Iceland, this center is it. It will feature an earthquake simulator and the most Instagrammable views of some of the country’s active volcanoes.



Photo: Courtesy of Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail... Read More

All the jaw-dropping, feed-making beauty of South Australia in one hiking trail. Lonely Planet calls it “soon-to-be-iconic.” We don’t doubt it. 



Photo: Courtesy of 2016 Studio KO Fondation Pierre Bergé Yves... Read More

With the help and support of Saint Laurent’s longtime partner, Pierre Bergé, two new museums will open in his honor this year in the cities that inspired him most. We’re calling it now: you can expect to see the resulting inspiration all over the spring 2018 runways.



Photo: Courtesy of Vyskah R Nambiar... Read More

This is one of the very few places in the world where you can still see black rhinos in the wild. Like Planet Earth come to life.



Photo: Courtesy of American Writer’s Museum... Read More

See your entire American Lit degree IRL at this new museum that shows how the country’s literary output has both reflected and influenced culture.



7. The ’Round-the-World Cruise
Opens December 2017

Photo: Courtesy of Viking Cruises... Read More

This is the mother of all cruises: The Viking Sun, a luxury liner, will set sail on a 141-day voyage starting in Miami and ending in London. There will be 66 different locales. Pull off your longest vacation ever, or just go port-to-port.



Pinky Beach, Rottnest Island. Please note: Image must be... Read More

You don’t know the meaning of glamping until you’ve been to Pinky’s. We’re not even sure if what they have going on there can rightfully qualify as tents. And the location is picturesque, to say the very least.



Photo: Courtesy of Richard James Taylor... Read More

This is any romantic train-involved fantasy come true: a Hitchcock film without the murder and mysteriously handsome passengers. The Belmond is South America’s first sleeper train and will travel one of the world’s highest routes in old-school luxury. Looking out the window will be way more interesting than whatever’s going on on your phone.



10. Design Society, Shēnzhèn, China 
Exhibits open in 2017 & 2018

Photo: Courtesy of Design Society... Read More

London’s renowned Victoria & Albert Museum is collaborating to create what’s being billed as a “cultural hub” in Shēnzhèn, which will showcase groundbreaking design, especially that which can create societal change.