2016 in Review

The Top 5 Wellness & Nutrition Stories You Clicked On This Year

Healthy hangover food, for one.

By: Noah Lehava

Crystal healers. Vitamin IV drips. Switchel. *Insert other buzz-y wellness things here*. We tried them all this year in the name of research. It was fun, crazy, and, yeah, enlightening. And over the last 365 days we put focus on the importance of the most basic, but often overlooked, aspects of wellness too, like finding healthy drunk food, for one. Or, two, the even more practical how-to-fall-asleep-faster, and what healthy people eat for breakfast. You cared about these things too! Here are the top five wellness stories you clicked on this year.



Falling Asleep Faster Is Key

(We need every. last. moment. of rest.)




You’re Sick Of Drunk-Binging on Pizza

(Here’s to getting it together in 2017.)


The Ballerina Diet Is Surprisingly Easy!

(Snacks on snacks on snacks…)



Nutritionist-Approved Easy Breakfasts

(Don’t skip the most important meal of the day.)