The 5 Workouts You Were Obsessed With in 2016

The 5 Workouts You Were Obsessed With in 2016

That you’ll love well into 2017, too.

We have a sweet suspicion that the outcomes of the past 365 days were likely what influenced us to spend a little more time on ourselves this year. For us, that meant getting ourselves to just about every gym in the Manhattan area and beyond (uh, Paris, L.A., and London) in the pursuit of finding the best ways to work up a sweat and feel a whole lot better. And since we’re going to need fitness as therapy even more in the next coming years (for reasons we’ve covered here and here), we’re retrospecting our most popular workouts chosen by you!


The 30-Day Challenge

(To tone from head to toe)


Trampolining at Bari

(It’s fast and, okay, a lot of fun)


Instagram’s Most Popular Trainer

(A 30-day workout to get you over the fitness hump)


Ab Workouts Better Than Crunches

(But probably harder)


Getting Arms Like a Model

(A Sports Illustrated one, that is)

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