The 5 Best Beauty Stories of 2016
2016 In Review

The 5 Best Beauty Stories of 2016

Organic Deodorant! Kardashian-Approved Vitamins! K-Beauty!

While reflecting back on 2016—and taking a note from Google’s book—we’ve been reviewing all the ~content~ Coveteur put out into the world wide web in the past 12 months. And so, we rounded up all the super interesting stories that you, our readers, really enjoyed. In case, you know, you somehow missed it (um, maybe subscribe to our newsletter, so you don’t in 2017!) or just needed a little reminder. Next up, a handy list of all the most-clicked and most-loved beauty content. May we suggest bookmarking these now and then binge-reading them all next week while you’re snowed in in the suburbs? Complete with a face mask and fancy candles, of course.


Switching to All-Natural Products

(And keeping your *glow*)



Multi-Tasking Beauty Products

(Who doesn’t love a two-in-one?)


All About Korean Skin Care

(From someone who *really* knows)


How Your Beauty Products Could Be Screwing with Your Hormones

(As if there isn’t enough to worry about right now…)

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