Ana Gasteyer Channels Martha Stewart During the Holidays

And we scored an invite to her party prep.

Ana Gasteyer Channels Martha Stewart During the Holidays

If you grew up in the 90s and you hear Ana Gasteyer” and “Christmas” in the same sentence, your mind will more likely than not go straight to SNL’s “Martha Stewart’s Topless Christmas.” Possibly the most iconic Christmas spoof (though we imagine that’s a pretty tiny pool), we will never get tired of Ana Gasteyer as Martha searching for the perfect tree, and shimmying with the boys choir.

If that doesn’t ring a bell (or you somehow missed the most glorious years of SNL), then you know her from Mean Girls, or The Good Wife, or her new show, People of Earth. “Ive had a really fun year. Im on the show People of Earth, which is on TBS,” she says. “It’s about a support group of survivors of Alien abduction, and I play a not-that-good therapist that runs the group. I dont think my character knows she’s not a good therapist, but Im doing my best to run this ragtag group of survivors of alien abduction.” FYI: The finale of People of Earth happens to be tonight. Given that we’re such huge fans of hers, and also given how much we love Martha’s topless Christmas, when we got an invitation to see how Gasteyer prepares for the holidays at her own Dumbo loft, we were practically ripping our own tops off in anticipation. Not really, but you know.


Ana showed us how to make the most delicious holiday cocktail ever, and an idiotproof French onion soup. In our daydream fantasy version of that day, Ana invited us to stay and finish the punch, then there was a massive snowstorm and we couldn’t leave, so instead we all got drunk and ate French onion soup, and then ventured out in the morning to get matching friendship tattoos. But you can watch what *actually* happened, and see exactly how Ana preps in the video above.

Sweater, Diane Von Furstenburg,


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