2016 in Review

The Top 10 Things You Cared About in 2016

The numbers don’t lie, friends.

By: Laurel Pantin

With just 13 days left of 2016, we’re in a mood to reflect. It’s been a wild year, to say the least, and we’ve done a lot of stories. So many, in fact, that we had to bring a few back. This week we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite stories from different categories, and next week we’re revealing our top closet posts of the year. Get excited!

First up, the top ten things you read, shared, and loved this year—just click through to see.



1. You Care About All-Natural Beauty

A lot, in fact. You were interested to see what happened when one editor switched to an all-natural routine, and wanted to know whether or not your beauty products are screwing with your hormones. They probably are, FYI.


2. You Want to Look More Expensive, Without Blowing All Your Riches

We’re at a loss to imagine anyone who wouldn’t want to look more ~fancy~ without blowing rent. Or alternately, how to handle your finances like an adult, so you can splurge.



3. You’re Curious About Those Products Promoted On Social Media

Yeah, WTF is FitTea?


4. You’re Concerned About Eating Healthy

Wanting to be healthier, generally, can’t be a bad thing. We followed a few ballerinas around to find out what they eat, quizzed models on their ideal breakfast, and asked a nutritionist about which foods sound healthy—but, in fact, are not.



5. ...Even When You’re Drunk

Because Chicken McNuggets are never as good an idea as they sound.


6. You Care About Looking Smart

Not-boring workwear FTW!


7. But More Important, Being Smart! And Caring About the Issues

We spoke to legendary New York drag queen Lady Bunny a week after the shooting at Pulse nightclub, and got hunky Matt McGorry to talk gender equality while in a bathtub. We also sat down with some of the most inspiring people in D.C., doing things like advocating for LGBTQ rights, fighting for marginalized workers’ rights, and running social campaigns to make the world a better place.


8. You Were Stressed. Really Stressed.

There were plenty of reasons to feel overwhelmed this year. You can help ease that feeling here, here, here, and here.


9. You Love Pretty Things

Just in time for your eighth straight night of holiday partying—the best party outfits, and sparkliest accessories, right this way.


10. And Sleep. You LOVE Sleep.

Same, girl. One of our editors searched for ways to feel awake without coffee or caffeine, and we found a wellness routine that would help us get to sleep faster. Because every last second is crucial.