The Shoes One Editor Is Giving Up Breakfast For

The Shoes One Editor Is Giving Up Breakfast For

You could have 83 avocado toast orders or *these*.

Alec Kugler

You can’t tell me that when you saw these shoes you didn’t fall head-over-heels (quite literally) in love. The silver metallic leather? The white-and-beige mink fur? Enough to make me stop eating out or doing, well, anything really, until I have my hands on them. Which is how you know the love is real, because I’m an avocado toast addict, but I figured out that if I give it up for a whole 83 days (yes, I eat it every day—don’t judge) then I’ll have mink fur-lined toes before I know it. Yes, they’re open-toed, and yes, it’s already so cold out I’m considering hibernation until spring, but for these I will happily let my toes freeze—all in the name of fashion, right? The minute I step into these beauties I’m going to have a total Carrie Bradshaw moment and run out into the streets of New York telling anybody who will listen that I did it for the economy. Consider it my thank you to the world for giving me such an incredible 2016.


83 orders of avocado toast at $12 each = 1 pair of Gianvito Rossi Zelda Sandals at $995

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