The Chanel Backpack Worth 800 Mojitos

The Chanel Backpack Worth 800 Mojitos

It’s fashion math. Or something like that.

Tell me youre not smelling coconuts and sunscreen skin (maybe even a faint whiff of a Cohiba in the distance) just at the sight of this totally-outrageous-but-amazing backpack. It’s a nod to Havana, Cuba—the setting for Chanel’s Cruise 2017 collection—but in a totally Karl Lagerfeld way with tweed, sequins, and a cameo of Coco herself. The entire collection will be forever seared into my brain—those ruffled skirts, the cigar-box clutches, the candy-colored vintage cars—and this bag has been high atop my wish list ever since. It’s the opposite of subtle (I love that) and spans about the height of my torso (the more Chanel, the better), and I’ll justify it by using it always (it’s work appropriate, right?), but especially for stuffing a week’s worth of bathing suits and salt spray and heading to the tropics. Can I go now?


800 mojitos = 1 Chanel Cubano Trip Backpack

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