The One Product This Fashion Director Uses Every Winter

It’s super hydrating.

The One Product This Fashion Director Uses Every Winter

Right about now is the time your super-rich beauty products come out of retirement and into heavy rotation. Your facial moisturizer shuffles its way through the cleansers and rose mists to the front lines. It’s a necessity, bar none. And Scandinavian stylist and fashion director of RIKA magazine Alexandra Carl knows just what the parched, cold air of an intense winter can do to your skin—flake, tighten, know the drill—all too well. Which is why she was goes for the tried-and-true favorite that’s been a mainstay in her routine for years.


“When it comes to skin care, I apply a Scandinavian attitude of ‘less is more’. I like to keep it simple and clean. I have quite sensitive skin and am constantly traveling, so I rarely change up products. This moisturizer from Avène has been my skin saver for the past four years. It’s extremely gentle, super hydrating, and is absorbed immediately so it doesn’t lie on the skin like a second layer. I really swear by it and it works as a perfect hydrating mask on long-haul flights.”


To save your skin from the perils of winter, here are 12 more hydrating and protecting moisturizers.


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