Ann Spence

Designer, SheBee. New York.

By: Noah Lehava
Styling: Alicia Cesaro
Photography: Alec Kugler

As products of the 90s, we’ll take just about any excuse we can get for a throwback. We’ll get ourselves to every last Spice Girls reunion tour, pray that butterfly clips make a Gucci-esque comeback (Alessandro, you listening?), or throw ourselves a slumber party with our best friends (but swap hand-me-downs and YMs for silky pj sets and Bumble) for old times sake. And Ann Spence feels the same way.

Remember the sheets of geometric stick-on earrings that you begged your mom ad nauseam to buy you at Claire’s? Or those non-precious-metal necklaces dotted with plastic gemstones you scrounged a week’s worth of chore money to buy at Delia’s? Ah, youth. Well, Spence reworked them into adult-approved versions—as in, out of gold, diamonds, and rainbow-hued topaz eerrrything—in her jewelry line, Shebee. But it wasn’t just nostalgia that inspired her to start her collection—she had dipped her toes in painting and writing before a trip to India influenced her career change.

So when we arrived at her massive (we’re talking five floors) Upper West Side home, each room featured an eclectic mix of Jaipurian tapestries, portraiture from reformed-lawyers-turned-artist friends, and tchotchkes she’s collected in her travels. Her closet follows the same don’t-take-it-too-serious MO; packed full of, you guessed it, rainbow Missoni and floral print Kenzo, peppered with demure pieces like classic Jimmy Choos, and Alexander McQueen. Let’s just say it wasn’t a closet for the color-averse.