Fact: You Can Wear Brights All Winter

Just say no to gray.

Fact: You Can Wear Brights All Winter

Winter sucks, we get it. And nine times out of ten we’re totally fine with all-black everything when it comes to our outfits because, well, fashion, but one thing we’re certain of is that a bright and colorful outfit will have us guilty of belting out all the words to “It’s a Wonderful World” on our commute to work. Look no further than Monling Lee’s technicolor closet for proof of this. Thankfully, all of our favorite designers seem to be on the same wavelength as us and are presenting the prettiest and most fun bright, colorful pieces this season. It’s all about knowing where to look to score the best of the best, and lucky for you guys, you can look no further than right here. Add the below pieces to your winter wardrobe and be prepared to have an extra skip in your step, immediately.


Get Cozy


We don’t know about you guys, but when we wake up on a cold weekday morning, the only thing that we want to be putting on is the warmest and fluffiest sweater we have in our closet. We’re guilty of most of our sweaters being black, gray, or navy, but if we add any (or all) of these four beauties to the mix, we’ll actually want to wear color on a regular basis.


Don’t Forget Accessories


Whether it be with sunglasses, boots, a scarf, or gloves, the options are endless when it comes to bright winter accessories. A pop of blue here, a splash of red there, and voilà, you’re making everyone smile just by looking at you during the cold, gray months.


Bottoms Up


Leather pants, velvet leggings, metallic palazzo pants—you name it, we’re wearing it this season. Sure, our favorite jeans will still be on rotation (that’s a given), but we’re all for swapping them out for a more festive ad fun option a few days of the week. You’ve got to keep things exciting, right? And just in case you need more style inspiration for pants that aren’t jeans, look no further than here.


Zip Up


Even though we already told you the *one* coat you should be buying this season, we figured you may want some brighter options that are fit for a snowstorm. After all, if you’re heading out for a run in the snow (stranger things have happened), chances are you’ll want to be noticed, and there is no easier way to do that than wearing a bright silver puffer jacket.

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