Alina Cho

Journalist; Editor at Large, Ballantine Bantam Dell; Host, The Atelier at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York.

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Alec Kugler

We’re an easy mark for anyone who dresses like they’re sucked in by the shiniest, sparkliest thing on a runway. So when Alina Cho described her need for the red sequin Gucci cape (purchased in the South of France, as one does) as “like gravity,” we knew were in good company.

If you’ve caught one of her The Atelier with Alina Cho interviews at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, you may know Cho as an industry heavyweight type who’s friends with everyone. We interviewed her the day before she headed to Singapore with Michael Kors—“I’m sorry, who doesn’t love Michael Kors? Not only is he talented, amazing, and philanthropic, but he’s just a lot of fun and I love being around him,” she said, to which we answered, “Same!” What you might not know is the depths of Cho’s news career (she’s one of the few journalists ever to report from North Korea, and was part of the CNN team that landed the network a Peabody for their Hurricane Katrina coverage).

Keep that in mind when we tell you that Cho speaks of just about every single piece in her closet with some incredibly glamorous anecdote and the kind of reverence typically reserved for, well, art. (Which is fitting, given her collection of the latter.) It makes sense that Cho speaks so breathlessly about every item we unveiled from her uptown closet—since we, too, clearly think the stories behind the clothes people live their lives in are pretty damn fascinating. (Admittedly, we also got the feeling that having been on the receiving end, she knows what makes an excellent interview subject.) Which made it all the more fascinating for us to hear about how, for Cho, art can have the same effect, too. Click through the gallery below to take in the touching story behind her incredible Marilyn Minter piece. Then tell your coworker it’s totally fine, you just have something in your eye.


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