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Everything an Angel Does the Night Before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Sleep like an Angel.

Everything an Angel Does the Night Before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

If it wasn’t for the fact that Josephine Skriver was walking in the Victoria’s Secret Show the very next day (her first as an Angel and wearing the Swarovski-bedazzled look), we would have turned off the camera and had a good old girl-talk-filled slumber party. As it happens, Skriver is walking the show (today! Live on CBS, December 5 at 10!), and she needed her beauty rest...but not before she walked us through what the night before the big show *actually* looks like. As it turns out, it looks a lot like any given weekday evening, save for the fact that it took place in a hotel room with views of the Eiffel Tower (work perks, we guess), features a little sauna action, and steamed fish rather than the burger pictured below (also, a whole bunch of sexy lingerie, naturally). Otherwise, all the usual suspects were present: John Oliver on TV, a jar of coconut oil, masking to be done. and Lady Gaga on the Bose speakers. Here’s what it’s like to go to sleep a Victoria’s Secret Angel the night before walking in the brands iconic fashion show.


The Night Before...

...alone or with friends?

“I actually like to take time for myself. Show day is always super chaotic and high-energy, so its great to take a moment to reflect on everything that has happened and get myself excited and zenned out for the next day.” service order:

“I will order some delicious fish with veggies and maybe some fresh fruit.”


...on her playlist:

“Im getting myself in the mood for this years performers, and have Gaga, Bruno [Mars], and The Weeknd pumping.” treatment:

“I am obsessed with masks right now. Ill do a hydrating mask [tonight].”

…skin-care routine:

“Coconut oil is my secret. I wash my face every morning when I wake up with coconut oil and also use it to get my makeup off before bed. I have found its a great way to hydrate your skin before falling asleep. I always use a face mask, Victorias Secret body lotion, brown soap, and any organic coconut oil.”

...pajamas of choice:

“Victorias Secret, of course!”


...on TV:

“Honestly, I love to watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Its a good mix of education on whats going on around the world and laughing until I fall asleep.”

...wake-up call:

“My call time in the morning is 10 A.M., so its not too bad. I will probably wake up early in the morning, about 6 A.M. or 7 A.M, because Im an early bird.”

...the morning of the show:

“The first thing Ill do is eat a healthy breakfast, hit the gym one last time to sweat a little bit and pump myself up. There is nothing more important to success than hard work. If you want to be your best, you have to work for it until the very last second.”

...time to sleep:

“I want to really get a good nights sleep. I need at least eight hours. Its going to be a long and wonderful day.”

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