You’ll Only Hear These Beauty & Health Tips Backstage at Victoria’s Secret

Bella Hadid, Sara Sampaio, Ming Xi, and more on where they get beauty advice (their moms!) and their surprising skin care tips.

By: Monica Ainley

Lights, selfies, bouncing curls, shimmering bras! Amidst the unique madness backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show this afternoon in Paris, we somehow came across some strangely intimate moments when the swirls of pink silk and clouds of hairspray parted, allowing us a few one-on-one catch-ups with some of the ~world’s most heavenly women~. Of course, some of the Angels’ impeccable workout routines are created by the world’s top trainers, but others’ are personal, unexpected, and tried and tested over the years, or recommended by—you guessed it—their all-knowing moms.

From gallons of Evian to to adamant sun protection, to the pros and cons of birth control, click through the gallery below as some of our favorite VS models (Bella Hadid, Sara Sampaio, and Ming Xi are just three) share their beauty essentials, workout tips, and what it feels like to walk the world’s most publicized fashion show—in your bra and undies.