2 Very Fancy Cocktail Recipes

2 Very Fancy Cocktail Recipes

When you need to step it up from your typical Cab Sav.

Alec Kugler

Trust us when we say we’re all for the simplest, most efficient methodology possible when it comes to getting baby a drank, especially this time of year—which is why our forever go-to is a glass of red wine, and if we’re really feeling it, freezer-stored vodka, ice, and soda happens to do the trick seamlessly. But there are also times when a little—or in this case, a lot of—extra effort is called for. For example, if you’re hosting a fancy holiday party. Or if you need to distract yourself for a while from the fact that your uncle can’t stop talking about how Trump’s going to get Mexico to build that wall. These cocktails, courtesy of the genius mixologists at D.C.’s Barmini by José Andrés, will fulfill any such need. And the result—even if it takes a good 15 minutes to actually make the drink—is well worth the effort for the spectacle, the taste, and, frankly, the effect (a slight tipsiness that’s desirable at both a fancy holiday party and in the face of the aforementioned relatives). Here’s how to make the fanciest cocktails we’ve ever tried—purchased dry ice not included.



2 Stops to Montilla




1 drop sesame oil
1 dash lavender bitters
0.5 oz hachicha syrup
1 oz amontillado sherry
1.5 oz genever




1. Stir ingredients together and strain into glass.

2.  Garnish large ice cube with a lavender flower and gold flakes.

3. Serve in a coupe glass.



Floral Cloud




1.5 oz gin
0.75 oz lemon
0.75 oz maraschino liqueur
0.75 crème de violette
Dianthus flower



1/4 lb dry hibiscus flower
dash orange blossom water
dash rose water
0.75 L water
2 x 2–inch cube dry ice





1. Combine ingredients in a shaker, add ice, and shake vigorously.

2. Strain and pour into wineglass.

3. Add a dianthus flower as a garnish.



1. Microwave all ingredients except for dry ice for 1 minute.

2. Strain into a decanter.

3. Add dry ice.

4. Pour cloud over the cocktail. DO NOT POUR LIQUID INTO THE COCKTAIL.

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