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The Only Sweater You Need This Season

Choose wisely, and you might even be able to forgo a coat.

The Only Sweater You Need This Season

The absolute best thing about winter—maybe the only good thing about winter—is being able to wear a thick, warm-as-hell sweater. One that’s fuzzy, cozy, and so warm you don’t need even need a coat with it. You know who else loves a good sweater? Manicurist, and the neatest girl we know, Madeline Poole.

Her style is that perfect blend of wtf-is-that and omg-where-can-I-get-it, so naturally, we had to find out which insanely warm knit is at the top of her wish list. Her choice is a perfectly strange-colored alpaca Acne crewneck—and now we want it too.


“I love color. I find it so sad how colors become less available in the winter months. No shade on olive green, but everything seems to turn into murkiness. So I love when I can find sweaters in bright colors or patterns. And the feeling of mohair or alpaca is just the most cozy.”


We couldn’t agree more. And so to further help you in your quest to find a sweater so soft and warm it’s like you never got out of bed in the first place, here are twelve more perfect knits that are so warm, you can skip a coat—until the Polar Vortex hits, and then we’re all screwed.


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