Do These Healthy Things Now for Better Winter Skin

Preparation is the name of the game.

Do These Healthy Things Now for Better Winter Skin
Winter (the word sends shivers down the spine, doesn’t it?) is nigh. Meaning that skin as parched as Team Cov after a night of karaoke and shots, and hair with raging static redolent of that sixth-grade science center trip, is literally weeks away. Our genius plan: down three liters of water a day, start our mornings by popping pills (of the non-pharmaceutical variety), and get to the root (pun intended—continued reading necessary) of the problem. It’s all about getting ahead of the beauty issues before, well, they become issues. Follow along, starting right now. Trust, you’ll thank us later.

Get Your Greens your living room. Filling your personal space with foliage isn’t great just for aesthetic (and Instagram) reasons, succulents and ferns replenish dry air with much-needed moisture, making for a better all-around environment for your skin and health. Plus, they filter out toxins in the air, so, win-win.

Root Issues


As the cliché goes: beauty is on the inside. Literally in this case. Because roots of dandelion, burdock and blue flag root help the liver function how it’s supposed to. And since your liver is responsible for producing the energy for everything in your body from your hair follicles, so they can grow Disney Princess hair, to helping your skin cells get rid of toxins, regenerate, and repair, the organ is pretty much essential in curing any skin ailment.

Bone Broth


With health-minded proponents like the women behind Hemsley & Hemsley and Sakara Life (and a cache of others), bone broth has a pretty good leg to stand on. “Bone broth is our elixir for glowing skin,” explain Jasmine and Melissa of Hemsley & Hemsley. “We see it as an all-rounder: packed with vitamins, minerals, collagen and keratin, [its] amazing for skin, digestion, and even dreaded cellulite.” They add the importance of sourcing naturally reared and organic bones that are free from synthetic hormones and pesticides for optimal health benefits.

Whitney and Danielle of Sakara Life agree that bone broth has “super high levels of calcium and magnesium that help to promote strong, healthy bones, a diverse amino acid content that has a seriously healing, anti-inflammatory effect, and a rich source of nutrients that help strengthen the gut and skin tissues.”

Foam Roll


It takes more than sheer optimism to keep your skin from defying the effects of the first frost. A regular deep-tissue massage with a foam roller or ball has bountiful beauty perks. Here are a few takeaways: 1) the grippy surface of the foam roller breaks up scar tissue and loosens the myofascial layer (connective muscle tissue) to smooth out any dimples or notches in the skin; 2) the kneading of your body helps bring oxygen and blood to that area, amping up collagen production.

Drink Water


You heard it here first, friends! Okay, so maybe not—but how else are we supposed to start a paragraph about how water is good for, well, everything, when we’ve written it a bajillion times? Case in point: here, here, and here.

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