What to Do If You’re Extremely Stressed Right Now

What to Do If You’re Extremely Stressed Right Now

Desperate times call for desperate measures, friends.

This week has been intense. Really, really intense. And although the anticipation of the election is over, were facing frankly dark and uncertain times. Even if, somehow (really, how?), the election didn’t phase you, living in 2016 in the land of perpetually full inboxes goes hand in hand with feeling anxious to some degree. But because we’re in an extra fragile state at this very moment, and the fact that the issues causing our heightened emotions are going to continue (or resurface in one way or another) for the foreseeable future, we rounded up all the genius ways we could find to relax and de-stress. Click through each story for a thorough guide to regaining composure when you most need it.


Think of this as the more appropriate, less destructive alternative to stashing a flask (or bottle of emergency champagne) in your desk. Essential oils like Roman chamomile (to comfort), rose otto (to quell anxiety), linden blossom (to sedate) and neroli (to soothe spiraling nerves) are easy to keep in case of emergency.


Just add a few sprinkles of maca, a pinch of ginseng, a handful of basil, or pop an Ashwagandha tablet and you’ll feel like a more calm, easygoing version of yourself. One thing: consistency is key.


For days when you straight-up can’t deal, taking an hour away from your phone to stretch out all your stress-induced knots, clear the mind, and breathe out all that negative air is invaluable.


Ever wonder what days, months, years, a lifetime of built-up stress and anxiety can culminate with? Burnout—a.k.a. that moment when it’s as if your physical being evaporates into fumes. Get ahead of it to avoid running yourself into the ground.

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