So You’re Thinking About Moving To Canada

So You’re Thinking About Moving To Canada

After this election season, all we can say is, ‘Same.’

No matter which party you associate yourself with, if you live in the U.S., we’re guessing you feel passionately about at least one of the candidates. This year, we’ve yet to meet any neutral voters (save for Ken Bone, of course). And without saying on which side of the fence we stand, we will say that we hope with all that we hold dear that come November 8th, the odds are ever in our favor. If not, we might just live up to the promise to pack up and move to Canada. After all, it is where Coveteur was born!

In case you’re weighing your options as far as our friendly Northern neighbor’s cities go, we’ve rounded up all our guides to the Canadian cities we’d like to call home, should all H-E-double-hockey-sticks break out and you know who is elected.








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