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Office-Appropriate Sneakers

For those days where you just can’t with heels.

Office-Appropriate Sneakers

In the past year, the line between what’s work-attire-appropriate and what’s not has become quite fine. We’re by no means mad about it—we’ve been waiting for the day that we can wear all sorts of sequins, luxe sweatpants, and sneakers to the office and now our dreams have come true. Gone are the days where we stash heels under our desk—now we proudly sport the sneakers we traveled to work wearing all day. But let’s not forget about the aforementioned fine line, because it is there. And to wear a pair of old dirty sneakers to your office is definitely crossing said line. Seeing as how we don’t want you to be confused, and we definitely do want you to be the freshest one in your office, we did some digging and compiled a list of sixteen office-appropriate sneakers that you should make some room for in your closet, immediately.


Part of the series:

Sneaker Week

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