Mike “Upscale Vandal” Camargo

Sales & Marketing Consultant. New York.

By: Jodi Taylor
Styling: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Weston Wells

Every closet shoot we do is unique—and the majority of the time we have no idea what we’re getting ourselves into. That’s exactly how we felt last Friday while on our way to New York Native Mike Camargo’s house. You may know him as Upscale Vandal or “Couture Criminal,” or just as an all-around stylish and fresh guy, with a sneaker collection so good we’d be willing to trade our first CHANEL for it (but, really). Before we get too into things, we should probably point out that we were the first non-relatives to enter Camargo’s home in about ten years (with the exception of his assistant, and a girlfriend or two), so, as you can imagine, we felt pretty honored to be there. We were quick to be made to feel at home with, and we quote, “the absolute best” pizza in the area and mimosas—made with Ace of Spades Rosé, because, of course.

Once we had taken a few requisite Snapchats, we turned to the closet, where half the room was filled with floor-to-ceiling boxes of rare and limited-edition sneakers, and the other with racks on racks (on racks) of every designer you could imagine. You name it, he has it. Most notable was the extensive collection of BAPE, snuggled up next to some Billionaire Boys Club pieces from his time spent working there alongside Pharrell. NBD! As we looked around we noticed a trend, that trend being multiple pairs of one style stacked one on top of another—because Camargo wears his entire collection, and wears it well, but never wants to be without his favorite kicks. We get it.

Even though we could have spent the entire day going through all of Camargo’s sneakers, duty calls, and while we dug through his mass collection of limited edition goods—everything from BAPE toilet paper to Pharrell’s Friends and Family NMDs to KAWS Hennessy to Master & Dynamic headphones—we learned that when Camargo isn’t collecting sneakers, he’s collecting headphones, Louis Vuitton key and change pouches, and just about anything else rare that he can get his hands on. All the while putting in work with Roc Nation and Pusha T, amongst various other companies. All in a days work, right? Mike, if you’re reading this, just know we’re happy to spend a day in your shoes (literally) any day.


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