Darcy Miller

Celebrations Expert; Author & Illustrator, Celebrate Everything!; Editor at Large, Martha Stewart Weddings. New York.

By: Noah Lehava
Styling: Noah Lehava
Photography: Weston Wells

Sometimes we like to throw our readers a curveball—it can’t all be couture, friends. (Okay, maybe it can, but variety is the spice of life!) This particular time, said curveball is in the form of a virtual cornucopia of ribbons and markers by way of a Martha Stewart Weddings editor at large (she spent a big chunk of her career as wedding editor at Martha Stewart Living and then as editorial director of MSW, before her current role and Darcy Miller Designs) and author of Celebrate Everything! (a.k.a. the holy grail of entertaining tips), Darcy Miller. Because a craft closet as good as hers can’t not be documented.

Picture this: an entire room, nay, quarter, of her Upper East Side home dedicated to everything one could possibly need to artfully scrapbook memories (btw, Miller has a 50lb scrapbook she made herself), hang mementos in shadow boxes and craft personalized touches for every event imaginable. Like, say, the hundreds of coils of ribbon and patterned tape, labeled and stored in Tupperware in one closet; the other stocked full of every color of paper imaginable, plus every art supply youve ever seen. But it’s her office, clad with jars of candy (for a mid-event-planning refuel, we presume) and an island covered in markers of every color and size, that’s where the real creativity happens. Because Miller has spent the last year putting the decades of party planning under her belt into a curated book of her very best creations. And honestly, would you expect anything less from someone who calls Martha a best friend?