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Everything You Should Do The Morning Of Your Wedding

Make the most out of ~*your day*~.

Everything You Should Do The Morning Of Your Wedding

This is easier said than done, and we are very well aware, but your wedding day should be the happiest and best of your life. Right? So why is it that stress, anxiety and, well, everything, always seem to creep up and take over on the most important of days? Because, such is the universe. But with that, we’ve found the quickest, easiest, and healthiest steps you can take on the morning of to get you feeling and looking your best—so that you can spend all your energy on the important stuff. Like getting married!


Sleep in


First of all, get to bed early. Not to sound totally cliché, but there is some truth to the whole “beauty sleep” sentiment so try to sleep in, too. Even if your nerves and excitement are acting as your morning alarm, stay in bed and just chill out. Or, at the very least, fake it.




Anxiety and stress can wreck your skin, that much we know. So drink loads of water (you should be doing this weeks in advance—or, you know, always) the morning of to undo any damage done from months of planning (and maybe too many glasses of champagne at the rehearsal dinner). It’ll give your skin back the life it’s been drained of, plus, it’s a good deterrent for your next-day hangover. Win-win.




It’s the best thing you can do to slow down your racing brain. Take a few moments, whether in bed or in the shower, to find your focus. It’s the happiest day of your life, but it can go by super fast—make sure you’re in the moment.




Being tense is the last thing you want on your wedding day. Before you get buttoned or laced into your dress, stretch out all the knots you’ve accumulated over the past little while. It’s good for the body and mind.




The absolute last thing you want on the day you and your S.O. say you “I do” is to feel like all of your months of hard work in the health department are instantly void from last night’s celebratory burger (that’s a thing, right?) Follow these super quick and effective ways to cure any bloating.

And then relax, smile and go marry the love of your life!

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