Welcome to Wedding Week!

Dresses! Stationery! Diamonds!

Welcome to Wedding Week!

Official bridal update number three (you can play catchup here and here): I found a dress, and I’m 99% ready to make it *the* dress. It was the first dress I ever tried on—okay, so that's not entirely accurate, but I slipped it on immediately after the first one, so I guess it was the second wedding dress (and hopefully the last) I've ever put on my body. The funny thing was that I wasn't even shopping yet. I had just heard about a trunk show and headed there alone after work one day to check things out. No entourage, no expectations. Just me and some Snapchats back and forth to Cov HQ.

Here’s the thing about wedding dresses. In my opinion they look pretty sad and overly beaded on the rack (especially when they're smooshed in between hundreds of other dresses), but like everyone (or Penelope Cruz in Spanglish) says: just try it on. The dress I tried on that day fit perfectly and sparkled in all the right places. I was essentially in love with it from the first moment, but I assumed that was because it was a fun, beautiful white gown. I assumed that it wasn't anything serious.

In order to appease my mother and (and just to be sure) I visited a few other boutiques and did the bridal rounds: you know Kleinfeld, Saks, et al., and I became briefly enamored (always make sure to have someone take really good iPhone photos, and a video, of you in the dress all at all angles, to look back at) with a couple other options, but I kept thinking about the original dress. All along I knew this one was just right. My mom (isn’t it always mom?) was the one who put it into perspective: "Will you be thinking about *this* dress if you wear any of the others?" And the answer was yes. Of course I would—it’s fun and sparkly and beautiful and I love it. I would be sad actually, because I really want to wear this dress.

The moral of the story... If you're newly betrothed and in the market for a wedding dress, go out on a limb, go to boutiques for every kind of bridal style—traditional, boho, whatever—head to the salons of the designers you like (and ones you've never heard of), try on everything (even if you said you’d never wear sequins or strapless), because you just might want to take your casual silk slip dress dreams and add on a detachable tulle skirt for a dramatic aisle moment.

This is Coveteur's Wedding Week wherein we hope to satisfy all of your wedding needs and fantasies, even if that particular event is nowhere to in the foreseeable future—because a girl can dream. And sometimes it's just as fun to pin absurd centerpiece images to a secret board for someday as it is to twirl around in that gigantic ball gown you thought you'd never even try on.

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