Fashion Math: Lattes vs. Saint Laurent

Quit these habits, buy the bag. It’s that simple.

While we normally abide by a strict lifestyle of regret-free YOLO-dom, there are certain niggling thoughts that slip through our mind-filters every once in awhile—say, while shelling out for a shellac mani or handing a five dollar bill to the same barista for the sixteenth consecutive morning. And those fleeting musings are usually something along the lines of, ‘how hotel-chain-last-name rich would I be if I were to just cut this one simple habit out of my routine?’

Well, we calculated. Answer? Not that rich. But with a little willpower (bestowed unto us by the fashion gods, of course) and a lot of caffeine deprivation, investment pieces are a mere 172 skipped soy lattes away. Just go with us here.  

We’re huge proponents of Fashion Math—if you missed our first crash course, begin with lesson one: the cost-per-wear theory—and our latest endeavor is calculating all the little habits we’d have to give up in order to afford that Dolce skirt or those Alexander Wang heels (and no, not the ones from H&M). You’ve been warned: this does mean swapping the Kate Beckinsale blowout for a little DIY action and sacrificing Instagramable cappuccino-foam art. But if you’re about to fall off the wagon, just ask yourself—which looks better in Valencia, a frothy fleur-de-lis or a little Givenchy

Thought so.  

—Chelsey Burnside




Dolce & Gabbana Embellished jacquard skirt = 104 Shellac Manicures




Givenchy Small Pandora Box = 156 Cocktails




Givenchy Small Shark Round Earring = 61 green juices



Alexander Wang Lys Polished Leather ankle booties = 172 soy lattes



Sophia Webster Evageline Angel Wing sandal = 37 lunches



lanvin dahomar pendant necklace = 134 $20 Ubers



Giambattista valli satin twill dress = 70 $35 Seamless orders



Saint Laurent Medium Croc-Prink Bucket Bag =430 Newsstand Magazines



Shrimps dulcie faux fur coat =18 blow outs